Thursday, September 21, 2006

On line Tango Radios

LA 2 x 4
Broadcasting live from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
You may ask in the web site for your favorite tango lyric and other information.

Broadcasting live from Rosario, Sata Fe, Argentina.
You will need an MP3 player like Windows Media Player or Winamp.

Radio Tango Argentino
On Radio Tango, you will hear a broad selection of music, from the innocent melodies of the 20's and earlier, to vocal giants like Carlos Gardel, Agustin Magaldi and Osvaldo Fresedo. You will also enjoy the golden era of the 30's and 40's when d'Arienzo "El Rey del Compas," Tanturi, Laurenz, Biagi and Troilo made the dance floors jump. Piazzolla's modern "Tango Nuevo," which is arguably a genre unto itself, also gets the spotlight on Radio Tango. And featured too are fresh interpretations of non-Tango composers and musicians such as Yo Yo Ma, Pablo Zeigler and Emmanual Axe. You may even hear a Turkish or Finnish Tango using non-traditional instruments that serves as proof of Tango's far reaching influence on people around the world.

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