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Color Tango Orchestra

Artists members of the Color Tango Orchestra

Roberto Álvarez

Hernán Bartolozzi

Fernando Rodriguez

Diego Lerendegui

Gustavo Hunt

Analía Goldberg

Manuel Gómez

Roberto Decarre

History of the Orchestra

• In 1989 Roberto Alvarez, first bandoneon of Osvaldo Pugliese´s orchestra, creates together with other musicians "Orquesta Color Tango".
• Their debut takes place in Holland in a tour of 26 concerts.

• In March 1990 the orchestra records its first CD "ColorTango" which is very well received in different European countries and Japan.
• In Argentina they perform in Radio Nacional (National Radio) and become the stable orchestra of the state television channel (A.T.C).
• They also perform in theatres such as: Municipal General San Martin, Presidente Alvear, C.C. Recoleta, Casa del Tango, Café Tortoni, Café Homero, El Mesón and many others.

• In 1992 the orchestra takes part of the gala performance in Expo-Seville together with other notable argentine artists including Julio Bocca, Eleonora Cassano and Alberto Cortés.

• In March 1993, they return to Europe touring Italy and The Netherlands. Once again in Italy, during the month of September, they participate in the festival "Musical September" in the Teatro Reggio, Torino and the "South American Musical Festival of Portofino".

• March 1994 finds them on their third tour around Italy (Genoa, Bologna, Milan) with their show "Tangueros".
• That year, in Argentina, they are nominated by the Asociación de Cronistas de Espectaculos for their CD "A Toda Orquesta".

• In March 1995 they return to Italy, this time touring to 11 cities and adding Paris. In June they tour in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil with the very successful show "Una noche en Buenos Aires" together with singer Eduardo Espinoza.
• End of October, they arrive to Norway and Sweden to take part in the "Verden y Norden" festival (Oslo). In Sweden they perform in Stockholm, Uppsala and Sala with the show "Con Este Tango" and the tango dancers C. Códega and E. Moreno. In December 1995 they record a new CD for the collection "Timeless Tango" (recording label Forever Music, in Miami).

• In March 1996 the orchestra takes "Tangueros" to Italy and open a new show called "Milonga Boulevard" based on the story "Las puertas del cielo" (Heavens doors) by writer Julio Cortazar. This last show included tango dancers : Pepito Avellaneda, Suzuki, Teté,Maria, Alejandro Aquino and Mariachiara Michieli.
• June of that same year takes them to Japan with famous tango dancers Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves, Elsa Maria, Nélida and Nelson and Carlos Rivarola.
• In October , they perform in different cities around Holland and Belgium together with singer Abel Córdoba.

• During February and August, they carry out a tour for 20 cities of Italy.
• Back in Buenos Aires they will perform in historical places such as La Ideal and T. Tasso Cultural Centre.

• In 1998 a new CD, "Color Tango...Con Estilo".
• In February, they travel to New York with their show "Milonga Boulevard".

• In March 1999, 11 shows in Holland with dancers Ricardo and Nicole and singers Daniel Cortés and Viviana Vigil.
• They perform in Switzerland during the month of July in the festival "Tango Stadt Zurich" together with Quintet Real and R. Mederos.

• With the turn of the century, they start working on new musical arrangements and in April they present their new CD "Con Estilo Para Bailar- Vol 2" with Leopoldo Federico as guest.
• They have an active participation in the International Tango Festival in Buenos Aires.

• In March 2001 their two last CDs are edited in Berlin by Oriente Musik music label in a double CD format.
• In April, they tour in Switzerland, Germany and Turkey with great success.
• In July they travel to Los Angeles (USA) to perform at the "Tango Fireworks 2001 Festival”.
• In December they travel to Holland, their fourth visit to this country, to play in "Tangomagia 2001".

• On July 2002, they visit Dallas (USA) invited by the City Hall and they also work in Los Angeles ("Tango Fireworks 2002").
• December takes them to Amsterdam : "Tangomagia 2002", Stockholm, Copenhagen and five cities in Italy. In this extensive tour they pay homage to Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese.
• In October they perform in honour of Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese in Montevideo together with Lidia Pugliese (the Maestro's life partner) and singer Abel Córdoba.
• They participate in "World Tango Festival" in Buenos Aires becoming one of the principal attractions.

• During March 2003, they participate in the "International Tango Festival of Buenos Aires", teaching the "Pugliese style" at the C.C. Gral. San Martin (Sala AB). They close the festival at the "Gran Milonga de la Calle Corrientes".
• They perform during the opening and closing ceremony of the international festival "CITA 2003".
• They also take part in the live recording of radio station Radio 2x4 and play in a charity event at the Luna Park Stadium.
• They travel to USA and Canada in July to play in Dallas, Los Angeles (“Tango Fireworks Festival 2003”) and "International Tango Festival in Montreal".
• Towards the end of that month they travel to Zurich and take part of the tango festival "Zurcher Tangowoche", there they conduct a seminar and two concerts, one of them during the closing ceremony of the festival.
• During August and September they present their very successful CD called: "Tango a Pugliese" at the C.C. T. Tasso.
• In October they perform in the "World Tango Festival" taking place in Buenos Aires.
• In November they travel to Europe for a series of concerts in Saarbrucken, Munich, Karlsruhe, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Turin, Milan, Basel and Arnhem. During this tour they conduct the seminar "The History of Tango" in all these cities and they present their new CD with the contents of the seminar called "A History of Tango".
• During December they travel to Montevideo, Uruguay to take part in the II Tango Seminar organised by the Universidad de la República.
• In Buenos Aires they perform a homage for Osvaldo Pugliese at the C.C. de la Cooperación where a bust is uncovered by Pugliese´s wife.

• In February 2004 they take up their activities performing at the typical milongas and they travel to the south of the country, province of Rio Negro to perform in the city of Gral. Roca.
• In March they participate in the VI Festival of Buenos Aires Tango presenting "Corazoneando" a musical show with text and choreography reflecting the style and thought of Maestro Pugliese in now a day tango. The texts are narrated by Roberto Alvarez and actor Franklin Caicedo, sung by Abel Córdoba and Julio Balmaceda together with Corina de la Rosa dance.
• Once again they take part in CITA (Cosmotango) performing during the opening and closing ceremony of the festival wich took place in Palacio San Miguel.
• In April they travel to Europe for a series of concerts in Munich, Berlin, Chemnitz, Padova, Cesena, Torino (Torino Tango Festival) and Copenhagen.
• During May and June they play oftenly in "milongas" of Buenos Aires.
• In July they carry out a new tour of concerts for Europe, visiting Tarazona, San Sebastian, Sasso Marconi (Bologna Tango Festival 2004), Grosseto, Scandiano, Castelnovo Ne' Monti and Zurich ("Zurcher Tangowoche 2004").
• Also in July, they travel to Santiago de Chile and play a show during the classificatory stage of the “II Mundial de Tango”.
• During October and November they travel again to Europe performing at Tango Festivals and important Theatres in Rotterdam, Teramo, Gent, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Nimes, Avignon, Brussels (“Beltango Festival”), London, Karlsruhe, Milan (“1º Milano Tango Festival”), Padua, Munich, Hasselt ("Festival Noches a Media Luz"), Schloss Elmau (Tango Festival), Vienna (Concert en Radiokulturhaus, Ö1- ORF), Dresden, Koblenz and Baden-Baden.
• In December they Travel to Medellin (Colombia) performing in the Teatro Metropolitano de Medellín during the tribute "70 años sin Gardel".

• In March 2005 they take part again in the Bs As Tango Festival performing at the open air closing milonga for crowded of people dancing on the street.
• In March/April they travel again to Europe performing at Turin (“Torino Tango Festival”), Rome, Naples, Lorrach, Bettembourg (“3º Festival du tango rioplatense”), Berlin, Ljubljana (“1º International Tango Festival Slovenia”), Padua, Paris (“11º Festival Couleurs Tango”), Chemnitz (“Festival Tango mi Amor”), Nuremberg and Ludwigsburg.
• In June the travel to Uruguay performing in Montevideo and Tacuarembó.
• In July they travel to Canada performing in Toronto and in Montreal (“International Tango Festival Montreal 2005”).
• In August, September and October they play often in Argentina performing in Sunchales, Cañada Rosquin, Rosario (Pcia. de Santa Fe), Rio Grande (Pcia. de Tierra del Fuego), Gral. Roca (Pcia. de Rio Negro) and Rio Cuarto (Pcia. de Córdoba).
• They present in October their new CD "Pugliese Inédito", based on 10 unedited compositions from Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese, plus 5 new tangos composed by members of Color Tango de Roberto Álvarez.
• In October/ November they travel again to Europe performing at Warsaw ("Pasja Tango" Festival), Avignon, Milan, Rome, Naples, Stockholm, Bremen, Graz and Brescia.
• In December they play at C.C. San Martin taking part of the Tribute to Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese, in the day of the 100 years birth anniversary.


The style of the ORQUESTA COLOR TANGO is the ideal continuation of the so-called Decareana School, which begun in the mid-1920’s and developed by great masters such as Alfredo Gobbi and fundamentaly Osvaldo Pugliese. Romantic and full of expressive force, tango in the 1940’s evolved within this movement with a treatment of arrangements which was both agile and open to innovation.
In the same way, new compositions incorporated into the repertoire of the orchestra bring with them renewed concerns which help to produce a greater expressive maturity, but conserve an unchanging continuity along the aesthetic path which began in the very origins of tango.

- AL GALOPE (Milonga)
- BOEDO (Tango)
- BORDONEO Y 900 (Milonga)
- CABULERO (Tango)
- CHIQUÉ (Tango)
- DE FLOREO (Tango)
- DOMINGUERA (Milonga)
- ESTE ES EL REY (Tango)

- LA YUMBA (Tango)
- MA Y PA (Vals)
- MALA JUNTA (Tango)


Obras Inéditas de Osvaldo Pugliese:
- BARRIADA (O. Pugliese) (Tango)
- AMORANDO (O. Pugliese) (Tango)
- BRIZNA (O. Pugliese) (Tango)
- COMO FLOR DE YUYO (O. Pugliese) (Tango)
- DE MI CORRAL (O. Pugliese) (Milonga)
- A LOS OBREROS GRÁFICOS (O. Pugliese) (Tango)
- LA PAPONIA (O. Pugliese) (Tango)
- MARGA (O. Pugliese) (Vals)
- PARA HÉCTOR LARREA (O. Pugliese) (Tango)
- PA’L VASCO IZURIETA (O. Pugliese) (Tango)

Nuevos tangos en la senda del Maestro:
- CADENERO (H. Bartolozzi) (Tango)
- ESTACIÓN PATERNAL (D. Lerendegui) (Tango)
- PA’ LOS TRES (R. Álvarez) (Tango)
- OXIDADO (A. Goldberg) (Tango)
- PIQUETEROS (G. Hunt) (Tango)

Discography > ColorTango

Click over a song and listen to a 30 seconds mp3 sample of each one.

1 - Maypa 3:00' R. Álvarez



2 - Meridional 4:19' V. Lavallén
3 - Milonga Triste 3:16' S. Piana
4 - El Abrojito 3:56' A. Bernstein
5 - Don Goyo 3:58' A. Bernstein
6 - Negracha 3:51' O. Pugliese
7 - Camandulaje 3:06' A.Gobbi
8 - Sentimiento Gaucho 4:03' F. Canaro
9 - A los Tríos Milongueros 4:24' L. Spitalnik
10 - Contrapunto 4:07' Balcarce
11 - Clavel Rojo 3:54'C Kraayenhoff
12 - Danzarín 3:53' J. Plaza

Download videos of live presentations here

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