Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Contemporary voices

This section has the purpose of paying homage to all the artists that, by means of singing, kept the flame of tango burning at the most difficult times of the genre. The reader will find neither any critical aspect, nor a description of the features of each one of them. It's simplya narration about the most important features of their careers, a technical report, with the intimate and transcendental intention that their names do not fall into oblivion.

A gesture of recognition for all those that, with their artistic vocation, fought and keep on struggling for our national culture, brandishing, as their sole weapon, the sabre of their voices.

After the fall of General Perón's constitutional government, because of the coup d'état of September 16, 1955, coincidentally, tango begins an important declination. Many of our artists are included in the "black lists" of the new military government while others preferred to go abroad.

The cultural policy that was carried out encourages other musical forms less compromised with the politic and social reality. In such manner folklore is preferred, apparently picturesque and not conflicting and, mainly, new genres coming from abroad. Let us remember how fashionable was among teenagers learning to play guitar.

Finally, rock breaks in with its own strength and with the contribution of all the broadcasting media, displacing tango in the choice of young people.

There is even a general belief that is incorrect, according to what Héctor Lucci says, that the RCA-Victor company, so important in the tango production, ordered to destroy the copper matrixes that were used to release the relics of our tango, for the sole effect of favoring the so-called "nueva ola". This decision, in fact, was taken due to the bad state of the plates that were altered, mostly, because of lack of maintenance.

Whatever the reason, what is certain is that a lot was lost and that since the 60s, tango was displaced to a second level as far as the release of records was concerned.

As our usual feature is, names will be appearing as soon as we get the information about each vocalist, without taking into account any reason of qualification, but simply of opportunity.

Finally we would like to thank, very especially, our friend Aníbal Fernández who was the one who had the idea and suggested this new section bringing the information related to the artists, in an incessant and fruitful research.

Ricardo García Blaya

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