Sunday, October 15, 2006

The dynamic analysis of facial emotions

The 6 basic emotions

1. Joy : {the mouth opens}, {corners leave behind towards ears}, {eyebrows are relaxed}.
2. Sadness: {the internal corners of eyebrows bend down from above}, {eyes close up lightly}, {the mouth is relaxed}.
3. Ange : {the internal corners of eyebrows fall groups}, {eyes open broadly}, {lips squeeze up the one counters other one either they open to let appear teeth}.
4. Frigh t: {eyebrows get up together and their internal party is bowed from above}, {eyes are contracted and in a state of alert}.
5. Reluctance : {the upper lip gets up and often bends down in a asymmetrical way}, {eyebrows and eyelids are relaxed}.
6. Surprise : {eyebrows get up}, {the upper eyelids open}, {the mouth opens}, {the lower eyelids are unloosed}.

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