Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lucio Demare and his Orquesta Tipica (1942-1944)



Lucio Demare's name does not pop right away when we consider the greatest orchestras of the forties. In fact, in some circles of "experts" he is not considered part of the premier roster of legendary orchestra leaders of that era. Demare belongs to the generation led by Juan Carlos Cobian and Enrique Delfino, and he shared with them a musical flair and an easthetic quality for the romantic school akin to the styles established by Julio, Francisco and Emilio de Caro and Agusting Bardi.

It is not surprising then, that great bard Homero Manzi brought him the lyrics of Malena, Manana zarpa un barco and Tal vez sera mi alcohol (later sanitized to Tal vez sera mi voz) looking for the musical composition that would convert those Tangos in inmortal testimonies of the style that characterized the Forties.

There are two dissapointments in this early release of the El Bandoneon label. First it is the stingy number of selections included which number only twelve, the standard number of tracks for LP's. This suggests that we are hearing the technical reconstruction of a commercial LP. Second, and probably because of the first reason, it is the unfortunate inclusion of a traditional folklore song, Carnavalito, ineptly disguised as a milonga.

Saving those two inconveniences, the remaining tracks are very well executed, the arrangements are in good taste, and the rhythm is totally suitable for dancing, including the very pleasant and unobstrusive vocal interpretations by Juan Carlos Miranda (Yo soy el tango), Raul Beron (El pescante) and Roberto Arrieta (Malena).


1. Al compas de un tango - Tango
2. Cancion de rango - Tango
3. Florcita - Tango
4. Tango guapo - Tango
5. En un rincon - Tango
6. Carnavalito - Milonga
7. Soy un muchacho de la guardia
8. Vieja ribera - Tango
9. Malena - Tango
10. El chupete - Tango
11. El pescante - Tango
12. Manana zarpa un barco - Tango

Juan Carlos Miranda (1, 12)
Raul Beron (5, 6, 8, 11)
Roberto Arrieta (2, 4, 7, 9)

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