Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tango for children and youth in Boston

Shahrukh Merchants

Shahruk says...

I discovered the joys (and, I was told, my talent) of teaching Tango to children quite by accident, when Center Stage Dance Academy in Haverhill, Massachusetts was looking for a Tango teacher for their youth master class of kids between 10-18 years. There are special challenges in teaching children (keeping their interest, keeping the class lively and fun and even in picking "cool music") but there are special rewards as well (they learn quickly and are not afraid of trying new things).

If you have a children or youth group who would like to learn Tango, please contact me for more information and to work out the details.

"I really enjoyed working with you and the kids think you are very special. I must tell you that looking at them from the side of the stage really gave me chills. You taught them so well. I truly wish that I could do Tango again with the same kids [but several are graduating this year]. Can you imagine what you could do with them if you had them another year?" - Tina Davis, owner of Center Stage Dance Academy, following their sold-out performance for the academy. See more testimonials ...

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