Friday, October 13, 2006

Tanguísimo, Argentine Tango Orchestra

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A dancing voice, an "arrabalero" bandoneon,
a gardelian guitar,
some passionate strings and
the languid rhythm of the piano transport you into the heart of Buenos Aires.
A Tango which speaks of hope, violence and love...

Tanguísimo has arisen from the coming together of virtuoso musicians, who have set out on a musical journey in search of new horizons. Their respective paths have led them to perform several hundred concerts in the world’s most prestigious auditoriums. Under the direction of the viola player and guitarist Ludovic Michel, they decided to merge their various tones and their virtuosity to form an ensemble of perfect balance and an unusually rich sound.
José Luis Barreto comes from the heart of the Rio de la Plata itself. He started singing the Tango at the age of 9, appearing on radio and TV in Montevideo and Buenos Aires. His love of song and precocious talent led him quite naturally towards Opera. Since then he has followed a dual career in both Tango and Opera: Barreto was sought after by Astor Piazzolla himself for his opera “Maria de Buenos Aires”, and he has been invited to sing at all the major opera houses.
Destiny then brought these artists together in Europe so that this unique ensemble could come into existence. A Tango was born of this long voyage, braving and defying the currents, which navigated its course between hope, violence, love and passion … The melancholy of a bandoneon, the impassioned soaring chords and languid rhythms of a defiant piano all tell of the same tragic suffering, the same wounds caused by life’s journey.
Accompanying the tender, sensual and penetrating voice of José Luis Barreto, Tanguísimo interprets all the magic of the tango in its most comprehensive form, expressing the fateful nature of an impossible love and sentiments amplified by the poetry of the Rio de la Plata.
In 2004, José Luis Barreto and his orchestra Tanguísimo were asked by Artemis Production to perform in their show "Otango", an international first performance which took place at the Festival de l'Eau, and soon on a world tour.
Tanguísimo has performed at all the major festivals, including among others the Labeaume Festival, the “Fort Antoine dans la ville” Festival in Monaco, the La Vézère Festival, the Young Soloist Festival in Antibes, the Operatic Festival in Marmandais, the Annecy Summer Festival, the Tarascon-Latino Festival, the Vollore Concerts, the Le Relec Festival, the “Ma ville est Tango” in Menton, the “Fortune de Lutherie” Festival in Mirecourt, the International Tango Festival in Paris-Saint Mandé, at the Petit Journal Montparnasse and the Hotel du Nord in Paris, the Opera in Saint-Etienne, the Opera in Nancy, the Théâtre Impérial in Compiègne, the “Podewill” International Tango Festival in Berlin, the Herrenhausen Festival in Berlin (as part of the 2000 Universal Exhibition), in Switzerland, Italia, Greece, Bulgaria...
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