Wednesday, November 08, 2006


England Tango Festival Website

The Festival Programme

3 Dance floors in continuous use for 10 days of tango
3 Levels - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
3 Package priced Options

Option 1 12-13 or 19-21 Jan 3 day weekend £380
Option 2 12-21 Jan Full Monty (10 days) £780
Option 3 13-14 or 20-21 Jan 2 day w/e (no accom) £180
Includes as many workshops as you can manage, as much food as you can eat
and refreshments

Group A Advanced
Group B and C Intermediates Higher and Lower
Group D and E Beginners and Improvers

Workshop Programme

15 workshops per day, one and a half hours each from 10.00am to about
5.00pm on 3 floors .
Then in the week, at least two workshops every day, film shows, free dance floors, discussions, private lessons. Ideal for beginners,
intermediate and advanced.
The packages include as many workshops as you want to manage and as much food, as much dance, as many cups of tea- but the
resident masseur/se is extra.

Arrive on the 11th Jan and settle in, grab something to eat and drink then start dancing.

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