Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Argentine Tango Dance Terms

Arrastre Dragging

Barrida A sweep

Boleo A quick flick of the lower leg

Cabeceo Dance invitation by eye & head movements

Colgadas Hangs

Candombe African origin music/dance

Corte A cut

Cruzada To cross

Enrosque A twist

Gancho Hook

Golpecitos Little toe taps

Golpes Toe taps

Guapo Handsome

Giro A turn

Lapiz Pencil

Milonga A place to dance tango

Milonga Cheerful dance related to the tango

Milonguero Frequent dancer

Molinete Fan

Ocho A figure eight

Parada A stop

Practica Practice session

Sacada A displacement of the leg or foot

Salida Exit or Start

Traspie Triple step

Tanda A set of dance music

Rulo Curl

Valtz Argentine waltz

Volcada Falling step (to tip over)

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