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Tango in Devon

Tango Oblivion

"The way I teach Tango focuses on finding your own centre, creating a point of energy within yourself, and connecting from there with another person without losing your own balance. For me, Tango is improvisatory, a place to dance your inner self. I always say: if you can walk, you can learn the Tango. If you feel you have two left feet but you always wanted to try out dancing, here's your chance."

Tango offers a unique place to find out about our presence, about how to communicate clearly without dominating, and about how to follow actively, without losing our own power. These are qualities that we need in our everyday life, especially if our work brings us into close contact with many people. Besides being fun, Tango can provide a 'playground' to sharpen our awareness and to practise our skills of interaction.

My worthy administrator, watching me from the side lines, comments on my teaching style as follows:

Feel the floor

Feel yourself

Feel the music

Feel the contact

Feel your partner

And . . . . . dance, dance, dance

United Free Church Hall (Sunday Practicas, 3rd level classes, various workshops and some special events)
Go up the little old shopping street in the centre of Town. 50 metres below the arch you will find the United Free Church on your left. Go through the white door on the side and reach the Church Hall at the end of a beautiful alleyway. I tell you, it's worth coming to the Practica just to experience the alleyway!

The Mansion (Monday evening classes)
The Mansion is situated in the Centre of Totnes. Just walk up the shopping street and you will find it opposite Lloyds Bank.

The Ariel Centre
The Ariel Centre is the Theatre space connected to KEVIC's, the comprehensive school in Totnes. You will find it on your left as you leave Totnes towards Dartington, just past the orange foot bridge.

The Barrel House (Rough guide to Tango and Dancing)
This is one of Totnes's pubs/restaurants, at the top of town, just above the market place on the right hand side. We will dance upstairs. The Barrel house serves good food, so bring enough money with you!

The Masonic Hall
Find the Market place in the upper part of the town. Facing the back of the Market place, you will see the Masonic Hall. It is an odd looking tall and lonely red brick building by the side of the path that leads to the big car parks.

St Mary's Church Hall
Take a little time to find this one if you haven't been there before! St. Mary's Church is the big red brick Church 100m below the market square on the high street. Just above the church, past the jewellers, is a little alleyway which leads you by the side of the Church. Walking along this alleyway, you will find at some point on your left an even smaller alleyway, which starts off with an iron gate underneath an archway. This will lead you to the Church hall.

The Totnes School of English
This one's easy to find: it's in the Arch with the clock tower, in the middle of the Town!

Birdwood House
Find the market place in Totnes. When you stand facing the market place, with the street in your back, Birdwood house is the first house on your right. the classes are taking place upstairs.


South Zeal Village Hall (Henry's Party & 3 days of workshops)
From Totnes, go up the A38 towards Exeter. Take the Bovey Tracey turn-off. Go to Bovey Tracey. Straight across two roundabouts will take you along the outskirts of Bovey Tracey and onto the A382 towards Moretonhampstead. Stay on that road for a good 20 minutes (beautiful!!!), through Moretonhampstead (sharp left turn but stay on the road) an on to Whiddon down. When you come to a little roundabout, follow the signs to South Zeal and Sticklepath. After a few miles, South Zeal is signed on the right hand side of the road. The Village hall is in the very centre of the village. It would be good to park on the car park a few hundred metres away from the Village hall. look out for signs to the car park, it is up a little road to the left.
From Exeter, go westwards on the A30 for about 20 minutes. On the first roundabout, go off and follow the signs to South Zeal.

Train and bus times to South Zeal:
Train London Paddington - Exeter (you and also take trains in the direction of Plymouth or Penzance) on Friday afternoons: (12.05-14.08), (12.18-14.56), (13.05-15.18), (15.05-17.30), (16.05-18.16), (16.35-19.15), (17.03-19.23), (17.33-20.11) - please double check nearer the time!
Tickets are cheaper if you buy in advance and ask for return tickets if you plan to return by train too. they are even cheaper if you travel already on the Thursday :-)
Click here for the train web site.
Bus from Exeter to South Zeal - (direction of Okehampton): 14.25, 15.25, 16.25, 16.55, 17.25, 17.55, 18.25, 19.40, 20.40, 21.40

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