Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tango Paints

Bill Brauer

Bill Brauer - Allure of the Dance I (triptych)
Allure of the Dance

Bill Brauer has studied and utilized the concepts and techniques of Renaissance masters while adding a distinctly modern edge to each painting. The work is more about shape and placement than story telling. A single light source allows him to plan and control light and dark patterns in each piece. His female figures are provocatively situated into these design elements becoming the narrators of each piece.

Evening In Jade

Based on mythological themes, dancing and beauty, Brauer paints as if hypnotized or haunted by his own muse. Sometimes seen as controversial Brauer's women can be viewed as contemplative, erotic and on occasion objectified. Painted in warm earthy colors that cast a glow over each woman, they appear sensual and inviting to the viewer. Brauer feels the art of sensuality is falling by the wayside. He does not necessarily want his subjects to be sexy, but instead sees them as just "natural, beautiful women" but with an air of mystery.

Tango Dancers

Born in New York, artist Bill Brauer started his career as an illustrator and print maker. Upon moving to Northern Vermont over thirty years ago, Brauer found that printmaking limited the size and color of his work so he began to work with oil paints. He has taught at several colleges and schools throughout Vermont and has been a driving force in advocating for artists in the area. His work has been exhibited in numerous shows over the last thirty-two years including the Brooklyn Museum and the Southern Vermont Art Center.

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