Wednesday, January 17, 2007

News from La Nacional

Thursday, January 18th

Intermediate Class by:
(from 8 to 9:30pm)

Angel Garcia Clemente

He can take any stage any space and make it his own.
A serious-minded professional dancer, ensemble member, or visionary choreographer. Angel has worked and studied with Carlos Gavito, Nito and Elba and Hector Zaraspe.
He has danced live at Manhattan's most illustrious venues including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Town Hall also shared his artistry with an appreciative worldwide audience, appearing on Good Morning America, Best Talk.
Angel's unique style in Argentine Tango, Milonga and Vals, and his encyclopedic knowledge of the Latin American Folkloric repertoire, plus a lively take on contemporary social dances including Salsa and Merengue, ensure that he's always in demand -- from the ballroom to the barrio, from Boston to Buenos Aires anywhere excellence is found.

We are proud of having Angel teaching again.

This Friday

Last one for 2006!

In 2007 the Moulin Rouge will be on the 3th Friday of the month
Put it in your agenda!

Stepping Out Studios

Prosecco, Prosecco, Prosecco!

Beginners Class
from 7 to 8pm by:
Juan Pablo

Yesim Sezer

"La Turca"

Argentinean slang word of the day:

Ver, mirar disimuladamente, percibir.
Vigilar, reconocer, explorar, acechar, espiar.
"To see, to watch, to look at in concealment, to perceive"
"To guard, to recognize, to explore, to ambush, lie in wait for, to spy"
"To understand"

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