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Lunfardo terms (Argentinian Slang Terms and definitions)

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A la gurda: Shelter, refuge.
Abacanado: Presumptuous.
Abanicar: Police officer.
Abanicarse: To leave.
Abanico: Informer / Police officer.
Abaragar: To stop with the knife an opponent’s attack.
Abatatado: Afraid, scared.
Abatatarse: To get frightened.
Ablandado: Afraid, scared / Bribed.
Ablandar: To bribe.
Ablandarse: To get frightened.
Abocado: Unthinking, impetuous.
Abocarse: To hurry into something.
Abombado: Foolish, stupid.
Abotonado: Married.
Abotonarse: To get married.
Abrancar: To catch.
Abrícola: Absent-minded.
Abriles: Years.
Abrir cancha: To clear a fight’s place after it finished.
Abrirse: To deviate, separate.
Abrochado: Married.
Academia: Places for dancing, having drinks and meeting women.
Acamala: To save.
Acamalador: Stingy, mean.
Acamalar: To hoard up / To protect / To catch / To save by being mean.
Acamalarse: To engage in concubinage.
Acanalar: To hurt somebody with a white weapon.
Aceitado: Bribed.
Aceitar los patines: To prostitute someone else.
Aceitar: To bribe.
Aceite, dar el: To fire.
Aceite, tomarse el: To leave quickly.
Aceite: Bribe.
Aceitosa: Head.
Aceitunas, cambiar el agua de las: To urinate.
Aceitunas, dar las: To fire.
Aceitunas, tomarse las: To leave quickly.
Achacado: Unhealthy, sickly.
Achacador: Malefactor.
Achaco: Robbery.
Achicar: To daunt.
Achuchado: Scared.
Achumado: Drunk.
Achumarse: To get drunk.
Achurar: To murder.
Acomodado: Recommended.
Acomodar: To recommend, to influence / To hit.
Acomodo: Favourable influence.
Acoyarado: Married.
Acoyarse: To get married.
Acuñado: Recommended
Acuñar: To recommend, to favour.
Adición: Restaurant bill.
Adobado: Drunk.
Adobarse: To get drunk.
Adornado: Bribed.
Adorno: Bribe.
Afanancio: Thief.
Afano: Robbery.
Afiambrar: To kill.
Afiambrado: Murdered.
Afilador: Courtier.
Afilar: To court somebody.
Aflojar: To accuse.
Afrecho: Sexual appetite.
Afrechudo: Lustful.
Africar: To hand in strongly.
Agachada: Disloyalty, vile act.
Agarrada: Quarrel.
Agayas, de: Brave
Agayudo: Brave
Agrampar: To capture, to seize.
Agrandado: Ostentatious.
Aguantiñar: To deal with.
Águila / Aguilero: Indigent.
Ainenti: Little stones. (Children game)
Al bardo: To steal without a predetermined plan.
Al pucho: Immediately.
Alacrán: Gossipy.
Alacranear: To gossip.
Alacransar: To speak badly.
Alambrada: Guitar.
Alca: Gossipmonger
Alcachofa: Gossipmonger.
Alcagüetería: Accusation.
Alcancía: Jail
Alcaucil: Gossipmonger.
Alce: Opportunity, chance / Occasion.
Alfajía: Tall, high.
Alfiler: White weapon.
Aliviar: To rob, to steal.
Almanaques: Age, years.
Alpedología: To talk about a subject without having the necessary knowledge.
Alpiste: Alcoholic drink.
Alpistería: Bar, liquor store.
Alpistero: Drunk.
Altiyero: Excellent.
Altityo: Head.
Alumbrante: Match.
Alumbrar: To provide with money.
Alzado: Lustful.
Alzarse: To leave.
Amachimbrado: In concubinage.
Amargo: Coward.
Amarrete: Mean, miser.
Amarretear: To be mean with money.
Amarretismo: Meanness.
Amarro: Stingy, mean.
Amarrocador: Stingy, mean.
Amarrocar: To hoard.
Amarrete: Stingy, mean.
Amasijado: Murdered, beaten.
Amasijar: To murder, to beat.
Amasijo: Punishment.
Ambidextro: A pederast who is both active and passive.
Ambiguo: Effeminate man.
Amueblada: An apartment or a hotel for having sex.
Amurado: Abandoned.
Amuro: Jail.
Ana-Ana: By halves.
Analfa: Ignorant.
Analfabestia: Ignorant.
Añapar: To catch, to seize.
Ancu: Word expressing alarm.
Andante: Pedestrian.
Anduma: Let’s go.
Angelito: Naïve, gullible.
Angelito: A tool used to open locks from the outside.
Antenas: Ears.
Antropófago: Homosexual.
Apampada: Disorientated, confused.
Apañado: In jail.
Apaparse: To disorientate oneself.
Apedado: Drunk.
Apedarse: To get drunk.
Apestiyado: Beaten.
Apiolado: Smart, quick.
Apiolar: To make get one’s act together.
Apiolarse: To get one’s act together.
Aplicar: To put up the price up.
Apoliyar: To sleep.
Apoliyo, de: Sleeping.
Apoliyo: To sleep.
Aprontar: To make race horses run.
Apronte: Preliminary movements, training.
Apuntador: Accuser.
Apuntamento: Love conquest.
Apuntar: To accuse / To make a conquest.
Apunte, llevar el: To pay attention.
Araca / Araña: Watch out!
Arbolito: A person who promotes illegal gambling.
Archivado: In prison.
Argoya: Private parts of the female body.
Armarse: To progress, to get richer.
Arrabal: Suburb neighbourhood in which someone sings or dances tango.
Arranyar: To punish.
Arrastre: Prestige / Influence.
Arrayar: To arrange.
Arrebezarse: To get angry, to be cheeky.
Arreglo: Bribe.
Arriba, de / Arribeño, de: Free of charge.
Arrimado: In concubinage.
Arroyarse: To frighten.
Arrugado: Afraid / Bandoneon.
Arrugarse: To frighten.
Arrugue: Fear.
Artículo, dar: Pay attention.
Asfalto: Experience given by life.
Asnaf: By halves.
Asoleado: Silly, foolish.
Aspamento: Ostentation.
Astiya: Part of a haul.
Astiyado: Division of the haul.
Asunto: Woman.
Atenti: Word used to warn about some danger or to get someone’s attention.
Atorado: Reckless.
Atorniyar: To save by being mean with money.
Atorra: Lazy person.
Atorradero: Humble dwelling of a lazy or single man.
Atorrancia: Laziness.
Atorranta: Prostitute.
Atorrante: Shameless, cheeky, rotter.
Atorrantear: To do nothing.
Atorrantismo: Laziness.
Atorrar: To sleep / Lazy man / Vicious woman.
Atorro: Humble dwelling of a lazy or single man.
Atracar: To come closer.
Atrasado: Absent-minded, fool.
Ave Negra: Lawyer.
Avería, de: Malefactor.
Avivada: Deceipt
Avivado / Avivato: Shameless, smart, quick.
Avivar: To make get one’s act together, to warn.
Avivarse: To get one’s act together.
Azotarse: To throw oneself at something / To make up one’s mind.
Azotea: Head
Azotea, tener gente en la: To have mental capacities altered, to be crazy.

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