Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lunfardo terms (Argentinian Slang Terms and definitions)

Today with B

Bacán: A man who lives in concubinage. / A wealthy man.
Bacanaje: Powerful and rich people.
Bacanazo: A refined person.
Bachicha: A fat or big-bellied person. Someone who is always thinking about eating.
Bagaseta: Prostitute.
Bagayero: Smuggler.
Bagayito: Bagagge
Bagayo: An ungraceful of dumsy woman. / A clumsy sportsman.
Bagre: Stomach. (“Me pica el bagre”: I am hungry.)
Baile: Mess.
Bailetín: Modest dancing party.
Bailongo: Depreciatory word for a dancing party. / Mess, fight.
Balconear: To watch, to observe.
Baldosa / Balero: Head.
Balurdo: Lie, fraud.
Banana, muy de la: excellent
Banca: Influence / Banker.
Bancar: To pay for something.
Banda, en: Indigent.
Bandeado: Indigent. / Sickly, unhealthy.
Bandearse: To fail.
Bandera / Banderola: Boasts, brags.
Banderudo: Ostentatious.
Bandola: Bandoneon.
Baño: Bathroom.
Baranda: Nasty smell.
Baratieri: Cheap.
Barato, es un: A rude person.
Barbijo: A scar in the face caused by a white weapon.
Bardo, al: Uselessly.
Barra brava: Gang.
Barra: Moth.
Bartolero: A messy and untidy person. / Negligent.
Barullero: Troublemaker.
Basuriar: To humiliate.
Batacazo: Unexpected success.
Bataclana: Female theatre artist who specializes in singing and dancing.
Batata: Fear.
Batida: Accusation.
Batidor: Accuser, denouncer.
Batifondero: Troublemaker.
Batifondo: Mess.
Batilana: Accuser, denouncer.
Batilio: Accuser, denouncer.
Batimento: Accusation, denunciation.
Batir: To tell, to denounce, to accuse.
Batista / Batistella: Accuser, denouncer.
Batistín: Indiscreet, unable to keep a secret.
Batitú: Accuser, denouncer.
Batuque: Mess.
Bebe: Brothel.
Beberaje: Alcoholic drink.
Bebestible: Alcoholic drink.
Beguen: Love caprice caused by a vehement desire.
Bejarano: An old person.
Beligerancia: To give, to take care of.
Belín: Nothing.
Belinún: Foolish, silly.
Berreta: Ordinary. Any forged object.
Berretín: Illusion, caprice.
Bestia: Woman.
Betún: Bribe.
Biaba: Beating, trashing.
Biabado: Beaten, doped.
Biabazo / Biandazo / Biandún: Punch, blow.
Bichicome: A person who collects waste. A beggar.
Bichoco: Unhealthy. An old or old-looking person.
Bicicletear: To evade, to make a commercial cheating.
Bicicleta: Evasion, commercial cheating.
Bicicletero: Casual, comercial.
Bienudo: Wealthy.
Bife: Slap.
Bigotear: To stare at something or somebody.
Biógrafo: Boasts, brags.
Biorse: Bathroom.
Biromista: A person who promotes illegal gambling.
Bisagra: Accuser, denouncer.
Biyuya: Money.
Biyuyera: Wallet.
Blanbeta: Charlatan.
Blanca, la: Bed.
Blanco, la de: Death.
Blandengue: Soft.
Bobo: Heart, clock.
Bocado: Bribe.
Bochín: Head.
Bochinche: Jabber, noise.
Bocho / Bocha: Head.
Bocina: Accuser, denouncer.
Bocinazo: Accusation, denounce.
Bocón: Accuser, denouncer.
Bodega: Stomach.
Bodegón: tavern.
Boga: Lawyer.
Bogólico: Stupid, foolish.
Bola, dar: To pay attention, to take care of.
Bola: Importance.
Bolacear: To lie.
Bolacero: Liar.
Bolada: Opportunity, chance.
Bolas tristes: Fool, stupid, silly.
Bolas, en: Naked.
Bolazo: Lie.
Bolche: Short form of bolchevique. A follower of the communist doctrine.
Boleado: Clumsy, disoriented.
Bolearse: To get disoriented.
Boleta, hacer: To kill someone.
Boleteado: Murdered.
Boletear: To murder, to kill. / To lie.
Boletero: Liar.
Boleto: Lie.
Boliche: Canteen.
Bólido: Stupid, slow-minded.
Bolilla: Gossip, rumour
Boliya, dar: To pay attention.
Bolo: Lie.
Bolsa, hacer: To beat someone.
Bomba: A very beautiful woman.
Bombear: To fornicate. / To cheat, to defraud.
Bombero: Soccer referee who judges against one team.
Bombo: Buttock, rump.
Bombón: A very beautiful woman.
Bonafide: Naïve, gullible.
Boncha: Stupid, foolish.
Bondi: Bus.
Borbona: Guitar.
Border: A patient who is affected by a pathology between psychosis and neurosis.
Borrachería: Bar, liquor store.
Borrado: Retired. / Dead.
Borrarse: To leave.
Borregada: Groups of boys or girls.
Borrego: Kid.
Botas, ponerse las: To progress in life.
Botijas: Kid.
Botón, al divino: Uselessly.
Botón: Police officer, guard.
Botonazo: Accuser, denouncer.
Botoneo: Accusation, denounce,
Boyo: Punch, blow.
Bramaje: Women.
Breca: Angry.
Breto: Overcoat. / Coffin.
Breva: A very beautiful person. / Chance, opportunity.
Brígido: Stupid, silly.
Brillos: Jewellery.
Brique: Matches.
Brisco: Invert.
Briyo: Brilliant, bright.
Brodo, al: To be bankrupt.
Brodo: Fraud.
Bronca: Anger.
Broncar: To get angry.
Buchón: Accuser, denouncer.
Budín: A beautiful woman.
Budinazo: A very beautiful woman.
Buenudo: Stupid, foolish.
Bufo: Sodomite
Bufonazo: Shot.
Bufoso: Gun.
Bule: Punch, blow.
Bulevar: A wide street with a small square in the middle.
Bulín: Room. A single man’s house.
Buque sin mancada: Stealth.
Buraco: Hole.
Burrero: A thief who steals from registering machines.
Burro: Ignorant.
Burros: Race horses.
Busca / Buscaglia: Rascal. / Prostitute.
Buscapleitos: Lawyer.
Bute: Excellence, high quality.
Buyón: Food.
Buyonear: To eat.
Buzarda: Stomach, belly.
Buzón: Jail. / Big mouth. / Sodomite.

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