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Lunfardo terms (Argentinian Slang Terms and definitions)

Today with C

Cabalete: The upper pocket of the coat.
Cable, tirar un: To help.
Cabrear: To make someone angry, to upset someone by making him/her jokes.
Cabrearse: To get angry.
Cabrero: Angry.
Cabrón / Cabronazo: Cuckold.
Cábula: Cabala.
Cabulear: To have a presentment, to predict.
Cachaciento: A person who is slow in executing any kind of action.
Cachada: Joke, hoax.
Cachador: Joker.
Cachar: To swindle, to cheat.
Caché: Snobbish, tawdry.
Cachería: Vulgarity, pretentiousness.
Cachetada / Cachetazo: Slap.
Cachirulo: Naive, gullible.
Cacho: A piece of something. / Part of a haul.
Cachucha: Private parts of the female body.
Cachusiento / Cachuso: Sickly, unhealthy, deteriorated.
Cadenero: Procurer, pimp.
Caduta, la: Decadence.
Cafaña: Rude, tough and ordinary people.
Café: Rebuke, reprimand.
Caferata: Rascal, procurer.
Cafetear: Objurgate, chide, blame, censure.
Cafetera: A rickety vehicle.
Cafiolo: A man who lives on a prostitute.
Cafirulo: Rascal, procurer.
Cafisho: Gigolo.
Cafúa: Jail, prison.
Cajetear: To diddle, to embexle.
Cajetilla: Fop.
Calabaza: Head.
Calabocear: To capture.
Calado: Well-known, familiar.
Calandraca: Sickly, unhealthy, deteriorated.
Calar: To watch, to observe carefully.
Calavera: Dissipated, licentious, unbridled.
Calce: Opportunity, chance.
Caldosa: A punch or a blow that causes bleeding.
Calentón: A person who gets sexually excited very quickly.
Calentura: Sexual appetite. / Anger.
Caliente: Sexually excited. / Angry.
Calle: Experience given by life.
Calo: A piece of something.
Caló: Slang used by delinquents.
Calor: Shame, embarrassment.
Calotear: To steal.
Camambuses: Shoes.
Camasutra: Bed.
Camba: “Vesre” (procedure consisting in the inversion of syllables) for Bacán.
Cambusería: Powerful and wealthy people.
Camelo: Deceit, bamboozle, farce.
Caminantes: Shoes.
Camisulinero: A thief who specializes in stealing from the upper pocket of shirts.
Camorra: Fight, quarrel.
Camote: Obsessive crush.
Campana: Thief’s assistant, who tells him if someone is coming.
Campaniya: Accuser, denouncer.
Campante: Unworried, unconcerned.
Cana: Prison, jail-
Canal: A scar on the face caused by a white weapon.
Canasta: Prison, jail.
Cañazo: Fornication.
Cancel: In a house, the gate that closes the hall.
Cancha: Backyard or any spacious enclosure.
Canchereada: Ostentation, boast.
Cancherear: To boast-
Canchero: Someone who knows about something, who is familiar with certain knowledge.
Candidato: Naïve, gullible.
Canejo: Aha!
Canela: Prison, jail.
Canero: Related to prison.
Canfinfla / Canfinfle / Canflinfero / Canfle / Canfli: Rascal. Procurer who explotes only one woman.
Cangrejo: Sodomite.
Canguela: Fear. / Indigence. / Brothel.
Canillita: Newspaper seller.
Caño: A single man’s house.
Canoa: Prison, jail.
Canoas: Shoes.
Caños, a los: Place where indigents live.
Cañota: Prison, jail.
Cantar: To accuse, to denounce. / To confess a crime.
Cantor: Accuser, denouncer.
Canusa: Affectionate form for jail.
Canuto: Metal tube in which jailed people hide drugs or money.
Canyengue: Arrabal, from a low social position. / Dance with many figures, with stylised rhythm.
Capacha: Jail, prison.
Capanga: Chief or foreman. / Arbitrary, authoritarian.
Capelo / Capelum: Hat.
Capiya: Head.
Capo: Chief.
Caquero: Fop.
Caracúlico: Angry, upset, pessimistic.
Caraculismo: Anger, pessimism.
Caradura: Insolent, cheeky.
Caralisa: Rascal, procurer.
Carata: Insolent, cheeky.
Carburadora: Head.
Carburar: To function, to work. / To think, to ideate.
Careta: Insolent, cheeky.
Cargada: Mockery, joke. / Chance, opportunity.
Cargador: Promiscuous.
Cargar: To taunt.
Cargosear: To tease, to bother.
Caripela: Face.
Carnavales: Years. / Age.
Carón: Big face.
Carozos: Eyes.
Carpa: Astuteness, cunning.
Carpeta: Category, position.
Carpetear: To watch underhandedly.
Carpetero: Skilful.
Carpusa: Experience.
Carreteles: Years. / Age.
Carrindanga: Monstrosity. / A rickety vehicle.
Cartabón: Dossier, bottler.
Cartero: A criminal who revises and delivers mail.
Cartón: Stupid, foolish.
Carucha: Face.
Casa del Pueblo: Cemetery.
Casatero: A person who likes to practice cunnilingus.
Cascada: Beating, trashing.
Cascar: To punish, to beat.
Cáscara: Fuss.
Cascarazo: Slap.
Cascarria: A rickety object.
Cascarriento: Threadbare, dirty.
Cascarse: To drug oneself, to dope oneself.
Cascarudo: Brave, determined.
Cascote: Sickly, deteriorated.
Casimba: Wallet.
Casiorarse: To get married.
Caso: Stupid, silly.
Casoriado: Married.
Caspera: Head.
Castaña / Castañazo: Punch, blow.
Catanga: A black person.
Cataplasma: Annoying, boring.
Catar: To catch, to seize.
Catinga: Naughty smell.
Catramina: Monstrosity. / A rickety vehicle.
Catrera: Bed.
Catriela: Woman.
Caturo: To catch, to seize, to understand.
Cautivo: Old Argentine currency.
Cayetano: A silent and quiet person.
Cazote: Punch, blow.
Centro, tiene: Experience.
Cepiyada: Reprimand.
Cerebrar: Mental function.
Chabón / Chabonazo: Silly, stupid.
Chabona: Woman.
Chabonada: Clumsiness.
Chabonaje: Group of silly people.
Chacabuco: Sickly, achy.
Chacado: Sick.
Chacador: Criminal.
Chacamento: Robbery.
Chacar: To rob, to steal.
Chafalote: Ordinary.
Chafe / Chaferola / Chafo: Police officer.
Chaira: A tool used for sharpening.
Chala: Money.
Chalado: In love, passionate.
Chaludo: Wealthy.
Chamuchina: Mob. / Trifle.
Chamullar / Chamuyar: To chat, to talk, to murmur.
Chamuscado: Angry.
Chamuyeta: A person who talks too much.
Chance: Chance, opportunity.
Chancleta: Effeminate. / Woman.
Chancletas, en: Abandoned.
Chanchada: Vileness, disloyalty.
Chancho: Casual, dirty, threadbare. / Public transport inspector.
Changa: Transitory job.
Changar: To have a transitory job.
Changüí: Deceptive advantage.
Chanta: An informal and tricky person.
Chantapufi: An informal and tricky person. A person who has debts and has no intention of paying them back.
Chantar: To lumber someone with something.
Chantún / Chantunazo: An informal and tricky person.
Chapaliar: To walk, to step on something.
Chapar: To catch, to seize.
Chapas: Hair.
Chapeta: Stupid, silly.
Chapetonada: Clumsiness, stupidity.
Chaquetero: Someone who does not commit himself to a definite ideology in order not to have conflicts with anybody.
Charamusca: Trifle.
Charleta: Someone who talks too much and without any knowledge.
Chata: A vehicle carried by horses.
Chaucha: Occasion, chance. / Penis. / Stupid. / Cent.
Chauchón: Stupid, silly.
Checonato: Cheque.
Chefun: Augmentative form for Funche (also Funge or Funyi): Hat.
Chicato: Myopic, short-sighted.
Chiche: Gun.
Chichipío: Silly, naïve, gullible.
Chichonear: To make jokes on someone.
Chichoneo: Joke, mockery.
Chiflado: Crazy, mad.
Chimenea: Head.
Chimentero: Gossiper.
Chimentero: Gossip, rumour.
China: Woman.
Chinchera: Bed.
Chinchudo: Angry.
Chingada: Mistake.
Chingar: To fail, to make a mistake.
Chingolo: Naïve, gullible.
Chingola: Excellent.
Chiqué: Fuss.
Chiquetero: Exaggerated.
Chiquilín: Kid. / The small pocket in the front of the trousers.
Chiquilinada: A childish thing or attitude.
Chirlo: Slap.
Chirola: Little money, coins.
Chirrinada: Military rebellion.
Chirusa: Despective for girl.
Chispeado: Tipsy.
Chispear: To look, to watch.
Chitrulo: Stupid, foolish.
Chivado: Angry.
Chivarse: To get angry.
Chivatazo: Anger. / Accusation, denounce.
Chivateli: Bearded.
Chivato: Accuser, denouncer. / Bearded.
Chivo, olor a: Naughty smell.
Chivo: Bearded. / Angry.
Choclo: Disorder, mess.
Chocolatero: Stupid, silly.
Chorear / Chorrear: To steal, to rob.
Choreo: Robbery.
Chorizo: Thief.
Chorlito: Naive, gullible.
Chorro: Thief.
Choto /a: Sickly, unhealthy.
Chubasco: A repressed person.
Chuca: Drunkenness.
Chuchi: Girl.
Chucho: Fear. / Hair.
Chumbazo: Shot.
Chumbo: Shot. / Gun.
Chupadín / Chupado: Drunk.
Chupamedias: Submissive, obedient.
Chupandina: Drunkenness.
Chupar: To drink.
Chupe / Chupi: Alcoholic drink.
Chupería: Bar, liquor store.
Chupete / Chupín: Drunk.
Churrasca / Churros: A very beautiful person.
Chusmaje: Mob.
Chusmear: To gossip.
Chusmón: Gossiper.
Chuza: A whip withour raher.
Ciego: Without money when playing cards.
Cien, número: Bathroom.
Cimarrón: Bitter "mate".
Cinchar: To give strength and energy. / Hard work.
Cinchar: To work, to make an effort.
Circulado: Expert, someone who knows the roads.
Cirquero: A medical patient who has a very dramatic behaviour.
Ciruja: A person who trades with waste.
Cirujano: Someone who collects bones and waste.
Claraboyas: Eyes.
Clavado: Exact, precise.
Clavar: To harm, to injure.
Clavarse: To harm or injure oneself.
Cliente: Candidate.
Cobrar: To be punished.
Coca: Cocaine.
Cocear: To have a presentment.
Coceo: Cabala.
Cocina: Stomach.
Cocinado: Dead, murdered.
Cocinar: To murder.
Cocinero: Five pesos.
Coco: Head.
Cocó: Cocaine.
Cocota: Prostitute.
Codeguín: Silly, foolish.
Cogote: Free of charge.
Cogotudo: Wealthy, powerful.
Coima: Bribe.
Coimear: To bribe.
Cojudo: Brave, determined.
Cola: Rear, breech.
Colado: Someone who gets the sexual favour of a prostitute for free.
Colarse: To ask for and get something free of charge.
Colchonear: To sleep, to laze around.
Colgado: Fired.
Colibriyo: Crazy, senseless, mentally disturbed.
Cometa: Bibe.
Cometar: Mouth.
Comilón / comipini: Sodomite.
Comisión: Bribe.
Compadrada: Threat, typical action of a "compadre" or "compadrito".
: Group of "compadre".
Compadre (adj.): Nice, cute.
Compadrear: To brag.
Compadrito: Boastful, braggart.
Compadrón: Presumptuous, conceited.
Computadora: Head.
Comunacho /comunardo: Communist.
Concurdáneo: A colleague of the drunk.
Condón: Condom.
Coneja, correr la: To live in ndigence.
Conejo: Jail's social assistant.
Confite: Shot.
Conga: Party.
Conserva: Conservative.
Consulín /Consultorro: Consulting room.
Consumisión: Consumption.
Contreras: Opponent.
Conventillo: A tenants's house. Neighbourhood house of a poor aspect and with many rooms.
Conversa, la: Conversation.
Convoy: A tenants's house
Copar: To deal with something.
Copetudo: Wealthy.
Copo: To take the risk and the consequent responsibility.
Coquitos: Testicles.
Corajeando: Boldly, corageously.
Corajudo: Brave.
Corcho: Someone who does not commit himself to a definite ideology in order not to have conflicts with anybody.
Cornelio: Cuckold.
Corneta: Accuser, denouncer.
Corno, un: Nothing. / Not to care, to ignore on purpose.
Coroniya: Head.
Corpíño: Bra.
Corrido: Someone who knows the roads.
Corso: Crazyness.
Cortada: Street
Cortado: Indigent.
Cortarse: To retire from something.
Corte, darse: To brag, to make a fuss..
Cortina / Corto: Short.
Coso: Guy.
Costiya: Woman.
Coté / Cotele / Cotén: Side.
Cotín, el: Bed.
Cotizarse: Payment.
Cotorrear: To gossip.
Cotorro: Poor room.
Cráneo: Head. / Intelligence.
Crema: Refined, powerful
Crepar: To die.
Crepó: He / She died.
Crines: Long and messy hair.
Crinudo: Long-haired, messy person.
Croqueta: Head..
Crosta: Silly. / Lazy.
Croto: Lazy.
Crudo: Silly, clumsy.
Cuadrado: Ignorant.
Cuartelada / Cuartelazo: Military rebellion.
Cucha / Cucheta: Bed.
Cucusa: Head.
Cuerear: To gossip.
Cuerito: Money.
Cuero: Wallet.
Cuete, al: Uselessly.
Cuete: Shot.
Cufa: Jail, prison.
Culastro: Sodomite.
Culata: Back pocket in the trousers.
Culo: Good luck / Misfortune.
Cuña: Influence. / Penis.
Cuore: Heart.
Cúpula: Head.
Curado: Drunk
Curda (Español): Drunkenness.
Curdela: Drunk. / Drunkenness.
Curdelín / curdelún: Drunk.
Currar: To swindle, to cheat.
Curro: Swindle, roguery.
Cusifai: A nameless man.

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