Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lunfardo terms (Argentinian Slang Terms and definitions)

Today with H

Hacer Sapo
: To fail.
Hacer: To steal, to rob.
Hamacarse: To work hard.
Hecho: Drunk.
Hembra: Woman, concubine.
Hembraje: Group of women.
Hideputa: The son of a prostitute.
Hijoputez / hijoputada: Disloyal or vile act.
Hilo: Telephone.
Hincha: Fanatic of an ideology or institution.
Hinchabolas: Grievous.
Hinchado: Annoyed.
Hinchaguindas / Hinchapelotas: Annoying.
Hinchar: To annoy.
HinchĂșn: Annoying.
Hocicar: To weaken, to fail.
Hojaldra, de: For free.
Homo: Invert.
Honda: Sniper.
Horizontal: Bed.
Hornaya: Nose.
Huesuda: Death.
Huevos: Testicles.
HĂșmedo: Drunk.
Humo, se hizo: Escape.
Humo: Conceit, pretentiousness.

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