Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lunfardo terms (Argentinian Slang Terms and definitions)

Today with G

: Suitor, lover.
Gacho:Male flexible hat, which wing leans downwards.
Gagá: Old, ruined, mentally weakened.
Gaita: Galician.
Galerudo: Refined.
Galguear: To feel hungry for something.
Galgueo: Indigence.
Galleteao: Rejected by a woman.
Galo: A piece of something.
Gaman: Sleeve.
Gambas: Legs.
Gambeta: Informality.
Gambetear: To avoid.
Gancho, tener: To be attractive, prestigious.
Ganchos: Fingers.
Gansada: Silly thing.
Garaba / Garabita: Girl.
Garabito: Boy. / Lazy.
Garbía: Drizzle.
Garca: Cheater, swindler.
Garcador / Garcaíno: Informal, cheater.
Garchar: To fornicate.
Garfiña: Robbery.
Garfiñar: To rob, to steal.
Garfios: A thief's fingers.
Garpar: To pay.
Garqueta: Informal, cheater.
Garrón, de / Garrón: Free of charge.
Garronear: To live on somene else.
Garronero: The one who lives on "Garrón".
Garúa: Drizzle.
Garuar: To drizzle.
Garufa: Fun, party./ Funny boy.
Garufear: To have fun.
Garufero: Someone who likes parties very much.
Garuga: Drizzle.
Gasolero: Mean, miser.
Gastar: To make jokes on someone or something.
Gatiyar: To pay.
Gato: Indigent, poor.
Gavilán / Gavión: Someone who seduces women.
Gay: Invert.
Gayeta, colgar la: To fire.
Gayeta: A woman's rejection to the one who proposes to her.
Gayetear: To fire.
Gayina: Coward.
Gayinero: Popular.
Gayola: Jail, prison.
Ghirante: A woman of shameful and dishonourable life.
Gigoló: Rascal.
Gil: Stupid.
Gilada: Group of stupid people.
Gilardo / Gilastro / Gilastrún: Stupid.
Gilería: Group of stupid people.
Gilí: Astute, experienced.
Giliberto / Gilimursi / Gilún / Gilurdo: Stupid.
Globear: To lie.
Globo: Lie.
Golpista: A militar who participates in a military rebellion.
Goma: Preservative.
Gomera: Sniper.
Gomía: "Vesre" of friend.
Gorda, se armó la: Anger.
Gorila: Fascist.
Gorra, de: For free.
Gorrión: The one who lives on "Garrón".
Gozar: To make jokes on someone or something.
Grajera: A refined rascal, someone who is favored by "good" families.
Granfiñar: To rob, to steal.
Grasa: Worker. / Ordinary person.
Graserío: A group of ordinary people.
Grasienta: Wallet.
Grasún: Ordinary, rough.
Grata: Thief.
Gratarola: For free.
Grela: Woman. / Dirt.
Grillero: A thief who steals from the "Grillo".
Grillo: Side pocket of trousers.
Grilo: Handbag.
Groncho: Ordinary, rough.
Grúa: Someone who gambles illegally. / Prostitute.
Grupos: Tales, lies.
Gruyera: Wallet.
Gruyos: Pesos, money.
Guacho: Orphan.
Guadaña, la: Death.
Guadañar: To capture, to seize, to clutch.
Guapeada: A brave act.
Guapeando: With bravery.
Guapear: To deal with something.
Guapo (Español): Brave.
Guarangada / Guaranguería: Rudeness.
Guarango: Rude.
Guarda, a la: A lot, a great quantity.
Guarda: Attention!
Guardabarros: Ears.
Guardado: Imprisoned.
Guardar: To capture.
Guasada: Rudeness.
Guaso: Rude.
Guay: Swindle, fraud.
Güevear: To do stupid things.
Güevón: Stupid.
Güevudo: Indolent.
Guía: To put a card in the maza in an established position in order to cheat.
Guillar: To earn, to profit.
Guinchero: Illegal gambler.
Guiñe: Misfortune.
Guiso: Stupid.
Guita: Money.
Guitarreada / Guitarreo: Verbosity.
Guitarrear: To improvise a speech with total ignorance of the matter.
Guitarrero: Charlatan. / Guitarist.
Guiya: Swindle, fraud.
Guiyado: Wealthy.
Guiyar: To swindle, to defraud.
Guiye: Fraud. / Crazyness.
Gurda: Excellence, high quality.
Gurí / Gurrumín: Kid, little boy.

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