Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lunfardo terms (Argentinian Slang Terms and definitions)

Today with F

Faca: White weapon.
Facha / Fachada: Face.
Fachatosta: Insolent, cheeky.
Facheta / Fachenda: Face.
Fachinero: Brave, determined.
Facón (Español): Big knife used by gauchos.
Fajada: Trashing, beating.
Fajado: Doped.
Fajar: To punish.
Fajarse: To take drugs.
Falocracia: Supremacy of men.
Falócrata: Supporter of falocracy.
Falopa: Drug. / A low quality object.
Falopero: Drug addict.
Falopiarse: To take drugs.
Faltazo: Informality, unreliability.
Fame: Hunger, appetite.
Fana: Fanatic.
Fanar: To rob, to steal.
Fane (Francés): Withered.
Fane: Worn-out.
Fanega: Silly.
Fanfa: Ostentatious, braggart.
Fangos / Fangushes: Shoes.
Fangote: A lot, a great quantity of something.
Fanguyos: Shoes.
Faninte: Lazy.
Farabute / i: Ostentatious, braggart.
Fariñera: White weapon of great size.
Faroles: Eyes.
Farra: Bash, party.
Farrear: To have fun. / To make jokes on someone.
Farrista: Fun-loving.
Faseando: Smoking.
Fasear: To smoke.
Fasería: Cigarettes shop.
Faso: Cigarettes.
Fastrás: Punch, blow.
Fasules: Money.
Fatigante: Worker
Fatigar: To work hard. / To walk.
Fato: Issue, matter.
Fayada: Mistake, failure.
Fayar: To fail.
Fayuta: A false person.
Fayutear: To cheat, to deceive.
Fayuto o falluto: Disloyal, false. / Forger. / Low-quality.
Feba: Woman.
Feca: Coffee
Feites. Cuts in the face.
Felpa / Felpeada: Trashing, beating, reprimand.
Felpear: To trash, to beat. / To censure, to blame.
Felpudo: Submissive, obedient.
Fémina: Woman.
Fenómeno: Submissive, obedient..
Fesa: Silly.
Festichola: Party.
Fetén: Excellent.
Fiaca: Laziness.
Fiacún: Lazy.
Fiambre: Death.
Fiambrería: Cemetary.
Fica: Private parts of the female body.
Fichar: To watch carefully, to stare.
Fideos: Hair.
Fierrazo: Coitus.
Fierrito: Fear.
Fierro: White weapon.
Fifar: To fornicate.
Fifí: Gallant.
Filado: Muddled.
Filar: To cheat, to deceive. / To stare, to watch carefully.
Filo: Fraud, swindle. / Engagement. / Boyfriend.
Filtrado: Sickly, unhealthy.
Fingar: To fail, to make a mistake.
Finir: To die.
Fiolo: Procurer.
Firulete: Ornament. / Exaggerated movement of a dancer.
Firulo: Brothel.
Fiyingo: White weapon.
Flaca, la: Death.
Fletar: To fire from a job.
Florearse: To brag, to show-off.
Floreo: Brag, fuss.
Flotador: Someone who does not adopt any ideology in order not to have conflicts with anyone.
Forfait: Someone who lacks money, health or anything else.
Formador: The one who pays.
Formar: To pay.
Formativo: Dance parties in which dancers had to pay for dancing.
Formayo: Death.
Forrado: Wealthy.
Forrarse: To make a progress.
Forro: Coffin. / Preservative.
Fortacho: Strong, vigorous.
Fosforera: Head.
Fragote: Military rebellion.
Fragotero: A militar who participates in a military rebellion.
Franela: Sexual pawing.
Franelear: To touch lovingly.
Franelero: A man who spends a long time in a brothel without having relations with any woman.
Frangoyo: Dimly and doubtful matter.
Fratachar / fregar: To touch lovingly.
Fresquete: Cold.
Frilán / Frilo: Silly.
Frío: Vanity.
Fruncido: Engreído.
Fruncirse: Engreírse, asustarse
Fuelle: Bandoneon
Fueyero / Fueyista: Bandoneon player.
Fula: Unattractive woman.
Fulana: A nameless woman.
Fule: Low-quality.
Fulera: Ugly woman.
Fulería: Low quality. / Disloyalty.
Fulerín: Ugly, bad.
Fulminante: Matches.
Fúlmine: Bad-luck.
Fulo: Angry.
Fumante: Cigarette.
Fumista: Charlatan.
Funcar: To fornicate. / To function.
Funche: Hat.
Funda: Preservative.
Fundas: Socks.
Fundido: Sickly, unhealthy. / Indigent.
Funshe / Funyi: Hat.
Furbante / Furbo: Informal, deceptive.
Distracting a person so that anyone else can attack him/her and leave him/her motionless.
Fusilado: Depressed.

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